The May 2016 Consumer Reports Pharmacy Buying Guide found that Independent pharmacies provide faster service, make fewer errors, are more helpful and courteous, and are more likely to have your medications ready when promised.


The pharmacy, pharmacists, and team live in your community. They share the same values, the same neighbors, and they understand the vibrant culture that is unique to each community.

Enhanced Experience

Local independent pharmacies have services that chains simply do not. Your local pharmacy likely offers free home delivery, prescription compounding, medical equipment, and preventive care like: immunizations, medication therapy management, medication synchronization, and most importantly personalized care for you and your loved ones.

Patient Centered

Local independent pharmacies have shorter wait times and a team dedicated to make sure you get the right medication and fully understand how to use it. Every single time.


Your local independent pharmacy is personally invested in you. They know you by name and you know them. How many other healthcare providers do you know by first name? Local Independent pharmacies not only have a personal relationship with you, but they also have those same relationships with local physicians, community leaders and local service providers. Meaningful relationships lead to better care.

Think Local

Each dollar you spend in a local independent pharmacy strengthens your community. Shopping at independent businesses returns 3 times more money to the local economy than a dollar spent at a chain.