Walberg Family Pharmacies is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Bretton & Stacey Walberg.

Beginning as early as 1985, the Walberg family had roots in the pharmacy business. Bretton's parents owned & operated 2 pharmacies during Bretton's childhood. Growing up, Bretton was immersed in the daily operations of the pharmacy business. He helped stock shelves, checkout customers & offered a helping hand to everyone that came through the door.

After earning his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy and Business Management, Bretton & Stacey, purchased Jamestown Pharmacy in 1999 from Bretton’s parents and have continued to grow their business throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.  In 2014, Walberg Family Pharmacies won the prestigious Pharmacy of the Year Award for the Northeast Region from McKesson Pharmaceuticals, and during the same year, Bretton was selected as a Top Pharmacist Entrepreneur of the Year by PharmacyTimes.

The Walberg Family has grown Walberg Family Pharmacies from 1 location to 11, but the Walberg’s stand committed to ensuring their customers feel at home and are served as though they are family at each store. They remain dedicated to ensuring you feel you can entrust the health and well-being of your family to Walberg Family Pharmacies.

The company founded Care-Fill® Custom Medication Packaging in 2012. Care-Fill utilizes robotic pharmaceutical equipment to sort, organize and package customer medications into individually sealed, easy-to-open dose packets.

Each packet lists the patient’s name, date, dosage time, instructions & medications contained. This ensures timely refills, adherence to physician treatments & provides peace-of-mind for patients & their families. The company is proud to offer this service free of charge. Click here for more about Care-Fill.

The Walberg’s are committed to being a part of the communities in which they serve by supporting local organizations and charities through their Walberg Family Foundation. The company has organized large charity fundraisers like the Walberg Family Pharmacies vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers Softball Game Fundraiser which raised over $13,000 (in 2014) and over $15,000 (in 2016) for local charities.

Bill Hillgrove, “Voice of the Steelers” announces 2016 Walberg Family Pharmacies Charity Softball Game.
The company’s Care-Fill Packets and Pill Bottles race at the Charity Softball Game.